Graduate Research Conference

March 28, 2019, 1–5 p.m.
Ralph W. Steen Library
Deadline to submit: February 22, 2019


The Graduate Research Conference is a skill building opportunity for SFA graduate students in presenting data, public speaking, and communicating with others about theory and innovative research strategies.

The conference includes:

  • 10–12 minute paper presentations

    Paper presenters can expect to develop their ideas from a class assignment, paper, or research project into an interactive presentation. If desired, presenters may incorporate slides with graphs, pictures, text, etc., using tools like PowerPoint. Each presentation should last 10–12 minutes. There will be a question and answer period at the end of the paper presentation session.

  • poster presentations

    Poster presenters will be asked to display their ideas from a class assignment, paper, or research project in poster form and stand next to their posters to explain their project to passersby. The poster session will last an hour and thirty minutes.


Graduate students are encouraged to submit any work that represents academic/scholarly activity that is appropriate for the graduate program from which they are submitting. Work does not have to be research-based or empirically-based.

  • Submissions will be open to papers or projects completed up to a year prior.
  • Submissions can include completed works or projects currently underway with preliminary findings (e.g., a proposal for a community outreach program or pilot study data). Submissions can also include a selected portion of a thesis project, enabling the student to refine a chapter and/or prepare for thesis defense.

Submit an Entry

Student entries should be submitted using the online submission form available at:

Any questions can be addressed to the Graduate Research Conference Committee via email: